Delve into the Ebro Delta

The Delta Hotel is located in Deltebre, in the heart of the Ebro Delta, the best destination for those travellers who want to disconnect and enjoy nature. With a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, the area allows you to admire the beauty of its landscapes and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, which you can enjoy while using the hotel as your starting and end point.

The Ebro Delta Natural Park has become an area of international interest as it is the most extensive aquatic habitat in Catalonia. Explore a natural paradise and enjoy fantastic landscapes with exciting itineraries.

Some of the most remarkable tourist sites in the Ebro Delta include the extensive beaches with fine sand and desert-like dunes, the mouth of the Ebro River, the famous Fangar Lighthouse or the Zigurat lookout in the Riumar residential area.

The variety of natural areas will give you the opportunity to enjoy many different experiences in the Ebro Delta. It is an ideal destination for practicing water sports, both in the river and the sea, such as kite surfing, windsurfing, sailing or canoeing. In addition, the flatness of the terrain means there are numerous routes for both cyclists and walkers, in which you will find many birdwatching towers since the Natural Park is a fantastic spot for having an authentic, birdwatching experience